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You are one of a kind and so are these accessories by Eye Candy Gone Green. So......make it work with these treasures created from designer fabric remnants paired with someone's favorite jeans and adorned with vintage trinkets, Go Wild! 

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How it all started....

Candy Becker of Granada is able to turn old T-shirts, feathers and pop cans into bags and hats that are one of a kind.

Becker “upcycles,” which is defined by Merriam-Webster as “to recycle something in such a way that the resulting product is of higher value than the original item.”

The list of items Becker uses to make her creations varies from paintings, pillows, clothing and leather pieces to jewelry, pop cans, belts and yarn.

Becker uses all of these items and more to make hats, something she has been doing for years.

“I would go to horse shows and see that people needed hats and I loved to sew, so I began making hats and set up a stand at the horse show and sold them there,” she said.

Over the years, Becker has accumulated a lot of inventory. She picks things up at rummage sales that she can use either in hats or the cross body bags she began making around five years ago.

“I love rummaging. I go with a purpose because I’m looking for things for my inventory,” Becker explained.

She also picks up a lot of items at flea markets and is given other finds by friends and family members who know what she does.

“I have a wonderful group of friends who keep me supplied,” Becker said.

She and her friends have what they call “sew day” every other week at Grace Lutheran Church in Fairmont.

Having been an RN for around 20 years, Becker is currently enjoying spending time with her three grandchildren, in addition to her creative side.

Becker has been going to the craft show at Canterbury Park in Shakopee for about five years. This fall, the show runs from Nov. 9-12. Many of art and crafts items are on display and sold there, but Becker has never seen anyone with pieces like hers.

“I don’t know anyone who does it like this,” she said.

Original pieces by Becker, which are called Eye Candy Gone Green, are also available at the Boutique on Main in Harmony and at White Orchid in Downtown Fairmont.

“Sometimes people give me certain fabrics or pieces and ask me to make something for them out of that,” Becker said. “I can take something special like a scarf or shirt of a loved ones and make it into a hat that’s a precious keepsake. I like to be able to do that for people.”

She has continued to make these original items because she craves using her creativity. She can take ripped clothing, old buttons and vintage pillow covers and make something wonderfully unique.

“It’s all about the design,” she explained. “I love putting things together and seeing what it ends up looking like.” 

(Credited by: Fairmont Sentinel July, 2017)

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